My favorite professor at Michigan State never let us rip anything from the internet, so I quickly taught myself how to illustrate. All of the other illustrations you'll see in my portfolio are also my own. These are a bunch of random illustrations and posters I've done through the years. The first, Advertising Age's annual Under 30 cover competition. The ask was to capture the essence of creativity today in a picture.

These were posters for Trisect's annual Iron Chef competition. With the summer pairings theme, we created two separate posters and put them on elevators, sliding doors and adjacent cabinets around the office. 

This little infographic on dreams won me a Gold Addy. Never knew my day dreamin would pay off so quickly!


This is an illustration I had as my about page in college... My how things have changed.. and yet they haven't.

This is a record I illustrated (inspired by a series of inside jokes) for an art installation called Detroit's Last Record Shop. 

These were the recruitment posters I illustrated for the 2014/15 MSU AAF team.

A very undersold poster for an agency ping pong tournament.